Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome Back, Wolverines

Welcome back, Wolverines? How can a Buckeye fan say that, you may ask. Well, put it this way: would Star Wars have been great if Darth Vader only feeble lightsaber skills? Or would Karate Kid have been a classic if Kreese would have said to Johnny "Fight fair or don't fight at all" instead of "Sweep the Leg!" Of course not. The villain of the Big Ten is back in a big way, and you're not going to believe this, but they are now the favorite to win the Big Ten...

Think the humbling losses to Appalachian State and Oregon cost them their season? It surely cost them a chance at a national title, but those early stumbles don't mean a thing when it comes to the Big Ten race. They are 1-0, just like four other teams in the Big Ten. What's more is that they have the best win by far. Purdue, OSU, and Illinois all beat bad teams while Wisky struggled with a mediocre Iowa squad. The Wolverines beat a Top 10 ranked Penn State, and UM's previously pathetic defense looked pretty solid. They harrassed Morelli on the final series, causing him to go 0-4. True Freshmen Quarterback Ryan Mallett showed some impressive poise converting on several key third downs in the second half. Thinking back to how bad Chad Henne was before he was "injured" (bruised ego, I think), might there be a quarterback controversy in Ann Arbor?

Also, the schedule sets up nicely for the Team Up North. Although they have to visit Madison, most of their tough games are at home (OSU and Purdue). I'm not saying Michigan is going to win the Big Ten, but, as they pile up W's and gain confidence, I wouldn't bet against them.

Remember, you heard it here first: Michigan is back!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Roger Goodell, suspend Michael Vick for life!!!

The National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell is considering a suspension of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick for dogfighting, brutal execution of unsuccessful dogs and gambling. Vick is currently suspended indefinitely, but Goodell needs to ban this sadistic criminal for life.

To this end, if Michael Vick is allowed back into the league, I will never...

...purchase a ticket to watch Vick's team play any of Vick's games on television (including, if applicable, the Super Bowl) any of Vick's team's merchandise
...even read about Vick or his team in the newspaper

Roger Goodell needs to seriously consider the financial consequences of ever letting Michael Vick play in the NFL again.

To sign the petition, go to:

Bucks' O Struggles/Beatdown at the Big House

I went to the OSU game yesterday, and you would have thought that someone had died by the reaction of the fans at halftime. Akron was hanging with the mighty Buckeyes, down 3-2. I had two text messages chiding me for having paid over $60 for a baseball game. After the game, Buckeye fans were still not that happy with a 20-2 win. As I looked at all those disappointed scarlet and gray clad fans, I couldn't help but say, "Michigan is still the laughingstock of college football."

I was proved oh so right by the Wolverines play on the field. Oregon, probably the fourth best team in the Pac-10, drilled Michigan 39-7 in Ann Arbor. That's right. A 32 point loss is the best the Maize and Blue could do after getting humbled by a Division I-AA team last week. This was the super focused team that still had a chance to win the Big Ten Title? The Ducks' quarterback passed and ran all over UM in the biggest blowout in Michigan Stadium in decades.

Actually, the last absolute blowout of Michigan at the Big House I can think of is Iowa in 2002. I was actually hoping that UM would pull this one out. As a Buckeye fan, it feels wrong to pull for The Team Up North to win, but the Bucks didn't play Iowa that season, and I wanted an outright Big Ten Title. With Iowa up 24-9 after three quarters and the game seemingly in hand, I switched my allegiances for the game to the Hawkeyes. Why? Well, it was clear that UM wasn't going to win, and they might as well get as embarrassed as possible while they are at it. The game ended 34-9, and everyone now knew Iowa was for real. Of course, the Buckeyes got the last laugh by winning the national title with a 14-0 record.

Yesterday, UM suffered another embarrassing defeat on their home turf. Coach Lloyd Carr should probably be fired, but all of us Buckeye fans hope he coaches until he's 90.

Monday, September 3, 2007

The Biggest Upset in College Football History

It was the biggest upset, but I haven't seen many people put in perspective just how huge it was. So, where do you think it ranks among all time sports upsets? Here's a partial list, rank them in the comments section:

-ASU beats UM
-George Mason beats UConn to go to the Final Four
-The Miracle on Ice
-Chaminade defeats Virginia (hoops)
-Buster Douglas knocks out Mike Tyson
-Jets over Colts in SB III
-Boise State over Oklahoma

Some disjointed thoughts on Michigan losing to Appalachian State

I'll bet you found yourself smiling when the ASU Mountaineers blocked a that last second field goal against the 5th ranked Wolverines. I personally was jumping up and down at Gallo's, screaming for Corey Lynch to get down after time expired. What exactly was he thinking? You fall down, and the game is over. You beat Michigan and pull the BIGGEST upset in college football history. Does it really matter if you win by eight points instead of two? Just get down! And if you do decide to run, don't get chased down by the kicker. Regardless, Lynch and the team from Boone, North Carolina made their mark on college football history. No I-AA school has beaten a ranked team, and I doubt it happens to a top five team ever again. It was truly amazing, but should we really be celebrating?

Buckeye fans like myself just couldn't get enough of the highlights and thinking of the potential smack talk when we arrive in Ann Arbor in a few months, but doesn't this hurt the Big Ten? I have to admit; I couldn't care less. I don't think we need to sit around and worry too much about how the country views us. First of all, that's out of our control. People are going to think what they want after our bowl performances, and there is not much we can do to change it right now. So, should we be happy about Michigan losing in the Big House to a I-AA opponent? Yes, I think it's safe to say we should. Our absolute arch rival is the laughingstock of the entire country right now. After January 8th, we knew what that was like. And guess what many of the Michigan fans did to us...The Gator chomp. I doubt they will be doing that anymore. I just wish the Mountaineers had some sort of recognizable hand signal for us to use come November.