Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bucks' O Struggles/Beatdown at the Big House

I went to the OSU game yesterday, and you would have thought that someone had died by the reaction of the fans at halftime. Akron was hanging with the mighty Buckeyes, down 3-2. I had two text messages chiding me for having paid over $60 for a baseball game. After the game, Buckeye fans were still not that happy with a 20-2 win. As I looked at all those disappointed scarlet and gray clad fans, I couldn't help but say, "Michigan is still the laughingstock of college football."

I was proved oh so right by the Wolverines play on the field. Oregon, probably the fourth best team in the Pac-10, drilled Michigan 39-7 in Ann Arbor. That's right. A 32 point loss is the best the Maize and Blue could do after getting humbled by a Division I-AA team last week. This was the super focused team that still had a chance to win the Big Ten Title? The Ducks' quarterback passed and ran all over UM in the biggest blowout in Michigan Stadium in decades.

Actually, the last absolute blowout of Michigan at the Big House I can think of is Iowa in 2002. I was actually hoping that UM would pull this one out. As a Buckeye fan, it feels wrong to pull for The Team Up North to win, but the Bucks didn't play Iowa that season, and I wanted an outright Big Ten Title. With Iowa up 24-9 after three quarters and the game seemingly in hand, I switched my allegiances for the game to the Hawkeyes. Why? Well, it was clear that UM wasn't going to win, and they might as well get as embarrassed as possible while they are at it. The game ended 34-9, and everyone now knew Iowa was for real. Of course, the Buckeyes got the last laugh by winning the national title with a 14-0 record.

Yesterday, UM suffered another embarrassing defeat on their home turf. Coach Lloyd Carr should probably be fired, but all of us Buckeye fans hope he coaches until he's 90.

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