Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome Back, Wolverines

Welcome back, Wolverines? How can a Buckeye fan say that, you may ask. Well, put it this way: would Star Wars have been great if Darth Vader only feeble lightsaber skills? Or would Karate Kid have been a classic if Kreese would have said to Johnny "Fight fair or don't fight at all" instead of "Sweep the Leg!" Of course not. The villain of the Big Ten is back in a big way, and you're not going to believe this, but they are now the favorite to win the Big Ten...

Think the humbling losses to Appalachian State and Oregon cost them their season? It surely cost them a chance at a national title, but those early stumbles don't mean a thing when it comes to the Big Ten race. They are 1-0, just like four other teams in the Big Ten. What's more is that they have the best win by far. Purdue, OSU, and Illinois all beat bad teams while Wisky struggled with a mediocre Iowa squad. The Wolverines beat a Top 10 ranked Penn State, and UM's previously pathetic defense looked pretty solid. They harrassed Morelli on the final series, causing him to go 0-4. True Freshmen Quarterback Ryan Mallett showed some impressive poise converting on several key third downs in the second half. Thinking back to how bad Chad Henne was before he was "injured" (bruised ego, I think), might there be a quarterback controversy in Ann Arbor?

Also, the schedule sets up nicely for the Team Up North. Although they have to visit Madison, most of their tough games are at home (OSU and Purdue). I'm not saying Michigan is going to win the Big Ten, but, as they pile up W's and gain confidence, I wouldn't bet against them.

Remember, you heard it here first: Michigan is back!

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Dream Chaser said...

They're going to Disney World.

Maybe next year.